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In my clinic I work with a wide variety of fertility issues. ⁣

I treat male fertility issues as well (low sperm count, poor sperm motility and poor sperm morphology).⁣

I believe in an integrative approach to TCM and Western medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is ever more frequently practiced in close conjunction with Western Medicine. ⁣

The two disciplines have become increasingly integrated to provide optimal outcomes for a variety of medical conditions. ⁣

My method is based on an understanding of both TCM and Western theories of physiology and disease as well as TCM and Western diagnostics. ⁣

Sometimes I use knowledge of Western medicine to enhance TCM treatment and sometimes I tailor my treatments to match and enhance the course of Western protocols.⁣

I recognize that fertility is different from all other health issues, not only because of the complexity of the fertility process and treatment, but also due to the emotional roller coaster that many patients experience. ⁣

Through the years of practice in this field and working closely with my patients, I understand how stressful and difficult the fertility journey can be and the importance of emotional support along the way. ⁣

I m very proud that my patients report that the support they received from me  helped them stay calm and optimistic during their journey to the dream come true!⁣

Pregnant Woman in Nature
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